Complete Restore

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Fresh Start & Full Restore | Just like new … with your data

With the Complete Restore PC Repair Service we can assure we will diagnose and correct your issues.   With a Fresh Start Service at the core, we:

Tear Down and Service, Clean and blow out your system
Service and Verify Connections
Format & Test the Hard Drive, Solid State Drive & RAM
Test Ethernet, Wifi, Bluetooth, USB, Video, Audio
Install the most Modern version of your Operating System
Install any applications or programs you have
Update the Bios, Firmware & Drivers
Configure Windows for Optimal Performance & Privacy
Update Windows or MacOS
Virus Scan all of your Data
Import your Data and setup your system

Your PC or Mac will run optimally, and we can guarantee your problems are not hardware, malware, virus or software related.   We can fix just about anything.