Password Management

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Password Management


8am to 5pm | Monday to Friday |

Comprehensive safety: Credentials are refreshed after a set period of time, with unique passwords generated automatically for each account.
One-click logins: Our browser extension automatically fills in web login forms with the correct usernames and passwords.
Self-serve access control: No need to call us to change a password or revoke access—you can take care of it anytime, from any device

Secure Password and IT Documentation Management


  • Log into websites with a single click using our browser extension
  • Set up folders to organize and categorize passwords
  • Generate strong, unique passwords with the press of a button
  • View company-level passwords
  • View passwords unique to their operating group or business unit
  •  Add and edit passwords for personal accounts—inaccessible to all other users, admins, and even our team


  • View audits and reports on password-related activity
  • Terminate all system access for employees who leave the company
  • Share approved passwords with our team automatically
  • Set up passwords to auto-expire after a period of time—and automatically generate unique new passwords
  • Implement two-factor authentication (2FA) policies
  • Add and edit company-level passwords
  • Create “security groups” with folders and passwords visible only to designated users


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