Security Awareness Training

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Security Awareness Training

8am to 5pm | Monday to Friday |


Today’s cybercriminals target end users to infiltrate networks. They are experts at using phishing, watering hole, and other social engineering attacks to trick end users and abuse their trust.

90% of successful network breaches were caused by user error*

Webroot® Security Awareness Training offers comprehensive cybersecurity education that is easy to administer and delivers measurable results. Training consists of succinct, relevant, interactive courses and campaigns that minimize risks due to human error resulting in lower infection rates, thereby driving down your remediation costs.

  • A fully featured phishing simulator 
  • Avoid Phishers, Hackers and Social Engineers
  • Engaging and interactive training courses
  • Trackable, customizable training campaigns
  • Campaign and contact management

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  • Understanding Cybersecurity, Understanding Malware
  • Understanding Phishing, Working Safely and Securely
  • Social Media Awareness, Phishing Awareness, Websites and Software