Managed IT Services

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We empower teams, safeguard data, and simplify modern IT management with our Managed Users, Desktops, Networks, Servers & Cloudy Places

Outsourced IT

IT HelpDesk service allows your users to make 1 call for support.  Defined Service level agreement with outlined response time, break-fix as required for a premium hourly or managed IT Placement for onsite, scheduled and simple IT.

Reducing Operational Expense

Implement industry standard, enterprise class (modern IT) technology for your organization and gain user productivity, dramatically increased security and reliability with the ability to easily and quickly recovery from a disaster.


81% of IT HelpDesk Requests are resolved remotely
70% of issues are solved in under 15 minutes
▢ Increase: Productivity, Security, Reliability while decreasing the total cost to you


Service and Licensing Information and specifics are in this handy PDF.


Local HelpDesk 

Phone, Onsite & Remote Control

Depot Warranty, Depot Rush Repair

Device independent encourages BYOD
1000 and 1500 day programs



Projects and competitor technology use

 life cycle and asset management

HR onboard and exit procedures

Infrastructure planning and maintenance

Disaster recovery & business continuity

Data silo, multi-vendor business processes

Hardware procurement and order desk


System Management

Patch management for OS and Apps

User, Server, Service & T3P Management

Mobile, feet, PC or Cellular

Server and User data

Life cycle tracking, planning and planning
 Secure your business data and systems



Notification Management

Threat and hardware monitoring

Telecom and Internet billing and accounts

Desktop and Server Threats

User, Server backups and Disaster Recovery

Reporting on Users, User, Data accessibility


Security and Data Management

 Corporate data and security policies

 Physical and environmental security

 Incident Response Management

 Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

 Managed Data Backup
 User, data layer Security and Protection



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