Quick Scan & Clean

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Quick Clean: General Cleanup Time!

  • Includes 1 Year Subscription of SecureAnywhere Antivirus

We understand that you may be having some issues, but don't require a replacement PC. We also understand that things go wrong with software.   We can update your system, eliminate unnecessary files, services, programs and scan the system for security compromises, malware and similar unwanted applications.

The Quick Clean Service includes our labour, or insight, a 1 year Subscription to what's easily considered the top Security and Antivirus solution for enterprises.   

We do not recommend the use or protection provided by free or ad-promoted secuity and clean up packages.   It's not uncommon for some applications to create more issues than they solve.

It's a process, typically same or next business day turn around.

  • 1 Year Antivirus Protection with Webroot SecureAnywhere
  • Add Remove Apps Cleaned/Checked
  • Add Remove Programs Cleaned/Checked
  • Browser Reset (Chrome, FF, Opera, IE, Edge)
  • Chrome Cleanup Tool if Chrome Present
  • Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool
  • Malware Bytes Scan
  • Malware Bytes Root Kit
  • Remove
  • McAFee / Webroot Install
  • Start Menu Cleanup
  • Disk Cleanup
  • Windows 10 Update(d)