Fresh Start ($60)

Fresh Start Service

Give yourself a Fresh Start. Your PC becomes inefficient with time. Reset the system and get all of the updates at once, starting from a clean, reliable point.

  • Complete System Wipe.  No Data is Saved.
  • Test all hardware
  • Install Windows 10 (Current Release)
  • update: Bios, Firmware, Windows, Drivers, Vantage*
  • update: Windows settings, security, menu, remove bloat
  • install: Microsoft Office 365 Offline, Acrobat Reader, Chrome
  • optimize: Power Management settings, start menu and clipboard
  • optimize: disk cleanup, remove old updates
  • 1-2 days for service completion

If you don't have a back-up, that's no problem!   Our Complete Restore All Service is for you!

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